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FES Youth Network's Discussion on Fair Globalization

Organised by FES Nepal

23 August 2013

Presentation by Santosh Pariyar

The globe is confronted with unprecedented challenges today, including Climate change and environment degradation, poverty and inequality, food and energy insecurity, financial and economic crises.

Millions of people are at stake across the globe today. One meek aspect of globalization is that individual nations cannot sufficiently address these issues. Countries have particular strengths and weakness, and all are pursuing their own interests.

Therefore, global citizen must have global solidarity to protect the right of them. In 2000, world leaders agreed on an agenda to tackle world poverty.

Other crucial issues included fighting hunger, improving primary school enrolment and reducing material mortality.

The Millennium Development Goals caught public imagination internationally, but not all of them will actually be achieved by the official deadline of the year 2015.

In recent months, the UN has been stimulating international debate what should be the global development agenda after that date.

A consensus seems to be emerging that more matters need to be tackled than poverty- including decent jobs, environment sustainability and equal rights for all of humankind. And nevertheless, these salient issues may lead us up to our today's theme, Fair Globalization.

FES Youth Network conducted its first discussion on "Fair Globalization" on Friday 23rd of August 2013. The discussion was based on experince of International Kassel Summer School 2013 on "Ways to a Fair Globalization".

Dr. Annanda Aditya had chaired the programme. Devraj Dahal, Head of FES Nepal and Erfried Adam, Senior Advisor of FES Nepal were also there to share knowledge on Globalization. There were 30 participants from different walks of life.

Santosh Pariyar has made 30 min Power Point presentation on Fair globalization and started discussion putting forward the discourse.

Dr. Ananda Aditya shared his idea on globalization and was simplifying the process on local context.

Devraj Dahal tried to explore the relationship of government apparatus on the process of globalization. He clarified the roles and responsibilities of governance on the process. Dr Adam also put forwarded his views and experience on different perspectives of globalization while working at the FES Office in Geneva.

He also touched upon the relationship between local and global trend. His insightful sharing was mostly focused on local process for fair globalization.

Participants were asking the questions on impact of globalization at local level specially, in terms of developing countries. Some even raised voice for Fair Globalization. A participant from Bangladesh was criticizing the whole process of globalization and he was citing the case of garment industries of Bangladesh.

Finally, the participants argued that we should lobby for fair globalization for broader social and economic justice local level. It can be achieved provided that we attune our policies in line with national priorities rather than aligning with the interestest of multinational corporations. Overall the voice of fair globalization demands sharing a resources and development for global humanity.

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