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Book Review:

An account of key issues and developments in Nepalese journalism

Nepali Patrakarita: Byabastha Ra Byabahar
(Nepalese Journalism: System and Practices)

Published by Journalism Department, Tribhuvan University and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Pages: 210

Price: Not disclosed

Edited by Lal Deusa Rai, Parsuram Kharel and Chiranjibi Khanal


The history of journalism in Nepal is fairly recent, but it has seen many vicissitudes. After the overthrow of the Rana regime in 1951, a new era of press freedom was ushered in the country. But that could not last for more than a decade.

Following the introduction of the Panchayat system in 1960, the Nepalese press found itself constrained by many restrictions. Until 1979, when anti-government protests culminated in the annsouncement of the national referendum, the media was under the total control of the government. Some private newspapers did exist but they did not have significant influence.

The months preceding the referendum and its aftermath saw a liberalization of the political system and opened up opportunities for bringing out more newspapers. In the 1980-1990 decade, Nepal's press went through another phase of development - a process that gained momentum after the restoration of multiparty democracy.

A number of books have come out chronicling the development of Nepalese journalism. "Nepali Patrakarita Byabastha Ra Byabahar" brings to light some hidden phases of this history. Written in Nepali, the book explores the historical development of Nepalese journalism.

History has shown that the more liberal the political system, the more dynamic the media becomes. This book advances that thought through its examination of constitutional developments and practical realities relating to press freedom in Nepal.

SPOTLIGHT, The National News Magizine, Vol. 20, No. 26, Jan 12 - Jan 18 , 2001.

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