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Nepal today is seen as a country in a situation of multi-level conflicts of structural, manifest, perceptual and latent nature. The issues of civilian crisis prevention, conflict resolution and post-conflict peace building have, therefore, become increasingly important themes during the last few years. An inter-agency Working Group on Development and Peace (FriEnt), set up in Bonn in 2001, aims to promote institutional cooperation among important German organizations working in Nepal. Since 2001 Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Nepal office also undertook the responsibility to support its partner organizations in peace efforts. Growing awareness of the importance of conflict resolution and peace building concepts, approaches and activities is expected to help understand and identify structural causes of conflict and furnish ideas to equip the state institutions, political actors and civil society with the crisis prevention and conflict resolution mechanisms.

Under the overall objective crisis prevention and conflict resolution, FES supported its partner organizations in various activities. Their roles in conflict management have been confined to:

  • holding political dialogue with major political parties on various methods of conflict resolution,
  • training of journalists on peace journalism and developing measures to rehabilitate journalists of conflict area,
  • reporting women’s issues from violence affected areas,
  • training of trade unions on conflict management skills,
  • dialogue with scientific community and preparation of a book on Conflict Resolution and Governance in Nepal,
  • helping partner organization in the establishment of an organization of widows (who have lost their husbands in the conflict) of two Village Development Committees of Dang District, developing their access to the institutional resources of NGOs in Kathmandu, and counseling training for victimized single women,
  • sensitization of civil society about the possibility of peaceful options to conflict resolution in Nepal, and
  • lecture course to RNA officers at Kharepati on the "Crisis of Governance and Modes of Conflict Resolution in Nepal."

FES activities were conducted independent of partisan considerations and tried to look into the deescalating forces of the conflict. Partners of FES conducted their activities mostly in the districts, outside Kathmandu to activate civil society.


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